Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm Alive!

I know, right. Surprise!

Okay, I've been really busy lately. Like, really uber busy. I had four assignments to complete in five days last week ... not one of my more relaxing experiences. Because of this, I didn't get around to participating in the Second Campaigner Challenge, which was quite a shame - I was all mentally geared up to write a post about the "fantasy imago", incorporating the words miasma, lacuna, oscitate, and synchronicity. Maybe I'll have to do it anyway sometime.

Right now it's school holidays, so that's freed up a bit more time in which I can work on more homework, my drama production, study for exams, plus catch up on way too much blogging, reading and writing. Busy holidays.

Anyway, while I'm on the subject of announcing things (such as that I have actually not fallen off the face of the planet), I would like to make a mention of a great new site for bloggers, inkPageant.

Basically, it's an additional tool to get your name out there and to meet other people and find other great blogs. It's beautifully designed, is incredibly easy to use, and I personally think that it's a very good idea. There's a lot of potential for it, and it will undoubtedly spread like wildfire. Also, to celebrate inkPageant's opening, they're giving away a $50 Amazon gift card. Don't tell me you aren't tempted now.

Next, I shall tackle something that I should have done a while ago ... and that is giving out an award! So, Jennifer Groepl gave me the Versatile Blogger Award a few weeks ago, and I still haven't claimed it because of all my busy-ness. Here are the award rules:
1) Thank the person who gave you the award. Check.
2) Share seven things about yourself. Okay, then. See below.
3) Pass the award on to fifteen other recently discovered bloggers who are legendary. Sure.
4) Go and tell the bloggers you awarded about it, so that they can claim it. Will do. 
5) Throw a dance party. Wait, what?

Okay, I made the last one up.

Anyway, here are the seven things about me:

1) I live in New Zealand, down at the bottom of the world.
2) I've wanted to be a writer every since I learned what writing was.
3) I never knew what sneans were until I wore them on mufti-day last month. I'm not even kidding.
4) I'm fifteen. Yea, creative, I know.
5) The first story I remember writing was a Peter Pan fan-fiction when I was five or six.
6) I hate the way I hold a pen because it causes me to smudge the ink on the page.
7) I sometimes write letters to my thirty-year-old self.

Now, the part you've all been waiting for! I know the thing said fifteen bloggers, but I've only picked twelve because I'm a rebeeeeeeellllllll! Here they are:

Truth is, I don't follow nearly as many blog as I should, and I would love to follow more. So, if anyone has three more blogs they would like to recommend for the award then I would be very grateful if you did so.

Anyway, nice to be back on the radar again! See you guys later.


  1. Writing letters to your 30-year-old self? What a great idea! Great idea for a novel too!

  2. Congratulations on getting the award, Nick, and thanks so much for passing it on to me!

  3. I bet your 30-year-old self is going to LOVE reading those letters someday :) Great idea! (I'd start, but then I'd just be reading them next year ;P)

  4. @Jennifer: Thanks :D I got the idea from another blogger who was writing letters to their ten-years-ago self. I just decided to turn that on it's head.

    @Sangu: No worries! :)

    @Rebecca: Yea, I bet. It'll be quite cool. Hahaha, you could always write to your forty-year-old self. Or to your twenty-year-old self.

    @Christine: Don't mention it :)

  5. Nick:

    Thank you for the award! Mighty kind of you. I think, if you don't mind, I'll put a little spin on the rules in announcing it on my blog.

    Gotta tell you, I am really impressed with how clearly you write. Keep writing, and keep on keeping on!

  6. Thanks for spreading the inkPageant word! And congrats on the award! And you've entered the triple digits of followers! Another congrats!

    It's great to learn more about you. :)

  7. @Bryce: Absolutely, sure. Fulfilling those rules three whole times seems like a bit of a stretch! And thank you for your kind words. I will do :)

    @David: All good :) I really do like it. Thank you and thank you. Yes, I have :) I suppose I'll have to blog about it sometime soon ...

  8. To be fifteen and doing so much in writing world already is amazing! Kudos to you! i would totally write a letter to my 30 year-old self but that's only two years away...

    Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  9. Hey, I smudge whatever I'm writing all the time... that's what I get for being left-handed.

    Thanks for the award... I'm afraid I would have to change those rules if I were to accept it, though. Fifteen is so many!

  10. J. A.: Thanks! I like kudos, such a cool word :D You could write to your past self, or maybe to you when you're fifty or something :P Nice to meet you too!

    @Rachel: Stink. I hate smudging. Sure thing if you want to change the rules a bit. Fifteen is quiiiite a few, yes.

  11. It was fun to learn more about you! Congrats on your award. And now I need to figure out what sneans are.

  12. Congrats on the award, Nick. Thanks so much for thinking of me when passing it on!

  13. Thanks, Nick!

    ...and I have no idea what a snean is...

    I posted my official thank you here:


    And my 10 random facts (since some awards said 7, some 10) here:


  14. Thanks all :)

    Sneans, as I have discovered, are a combination of sneakers and jeans, and apparently wearing them is a huge crime against fashion. When I wore them on mufti-day, like a bazillion people came up and commented on them. So, even though I had no idea what these people were talking about, I pretended to understand so that I didn't look like more of an idiot.

    I googled "sneans" as soon as I got home that day.

    I now have two other pairs of shoes :)

  15. Congratulations on the award, and thank you for passing it on!

  16. Heh, then I guess I'm constantly a crime against nature ;) sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt or hoodie are practically my second skin ;)

    ...and the fact that I have an obscenely large collection of brightly coloured/striped/cartoon-charactered socks would probably get me an additional week in the stocks :p

  17. Haha, so a few months all up with people throwing cabbages at you? Fun!

    :) Actually I admire your defiance of the laws of fashion - they can actually be a little bit ridiculous. Good work on not caring what anyone else thinks :P

  18. And thanks for the follow by the way :)

  19. Now I understand why it was so urgent for you to get new shoes! Mum

  20. ... Well, that was part of the reason :) :)

  21. Hi there, just found your blog via Bryce Daniels blog, Bryce spoke highly of you, so had to pop by and see your blog. Nice to meet you. Congrats on your award. And I love that you write to your 30 year old self. Very interesting and creative.

  22. I know, I know, that was really encouraging of him :) Nice to meet you too, I'm glad that you came by to have a look.

    Thanks for that :) And yea, I don't do it often, but I bet I'm going to love looking back on those letters in fifteen years.


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