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My name is Nick Hight. I'm a teenage writer, dreamer and blogger, and I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. I've always loved stories. Always. I've been telling them since before I could even read or write. And I've always dreamed of one day becoming a published author. Always.

In my earlier years, I remember telling other peoples' stories - like that time I recreated Peter Pan with fridge magnets, and that time I wrote a "novel" of the same story, which was an impressive four pages long. But as I got older, I began to tell my own stories. Correction: I would begin to tell my own stories. I would have an idea, then I would write a page, and then that word document would never see the light of day again.

But when I hit high school in 2009, I got serious. I researched writing, the publishing industry, other writers, and so very much more. I started on a first (terrible) novel. It took me a long time to realise that it was terrible, but it was all part of the learning process. After that, in 2010, I started a new novel - and I've been going hard out on that ever since. And I've been dreaming ever since.

I have some wild dreams: writing a novel, signing a book deal, and ultimately writing full-time and becoming a bestselling author. At first, these dreams of mine many seem impossible, but they're not. They are difficult, of course, but with a lot of hard work, perseverance, and a fiery passion for writing - otherwise known as writing fire - I know that I will be able to achieve them.

'It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today, and the reality of tomorrow.' -- Robbert H. Goddard


  1. Your dream is a good one. Don't let it go.

  2. I've had a hard time finding any younger writing bloggers like myself. I'm currently finishing up my first year as a creative writing major in the states and I am just like you - I have always been a writer and I know I always will be. I'd be interested to hear how that novel is coming, I'm working on one at the moment myself.
    Hope to hear from you, I'd love a writing pal close to my age for once!

    The Fiction Diaries

    P.s. I'm so jealous that you live in New Zealand. I've always wanted to live in middle earth<3

  3. Thanks T.B., I'm not planning to any time soon :)

    Katie: There are heaps of young writers out there, it's just finding everyone that's hard. I lost motivation on the novel in March, same with the blog (you might have noticed that), but I'm hoping to make a comeback in April :) And yeah, living in Middle-earth is the best :) I've been to Edoras and the Pelennor Fields :) NZ is also Pandora, which is cool, too. Great to meet you!

  4. Well I hope you get back to it:) I went almost all of march without posting on my blog because I got lazy over spring break, but I'm happy to be back now. And you are so lucky! I honestly want to move there if I ever become able to. And if nothing else I have to at least take the Middle Earth Tour and get a drink at the Green Dragon (I might be slightly Tolkien obsessed, no big deal).
    Well I am officially following you so I hope to see some new posts on my news feed in the future:)
    What kind of writing do you usually do?
    If you'd rather not spam your comments up with a convo feel free to email me. kconig93@gmail.com
    Great to meet you too!

  5. I've taken a tour of the Pelennor fields before, and I've visited Edoras as well. It's pretty cool. Maybe one day when I'm older I might have to do some Middle-earth exploring.

    I write mostly fantasy, and some poetry (although I haven't written a poem for a while now). I'm like you - really inspired by LotR, and hoping one day to finish writing an epic.

    What about yourself?

  6. You're so lucky! Guh, I want to go to New Zealand so bad. I'm legitimately considering studying abroad there in a few semesters just so I can take the Middle Earth tour, haha.

    I started writing fantasy but my current WIP has taken a turn towards sci-fi/fantasy...which is rather interesting lol. Still fantasy but not quite Tolkien fantasy - but I think thats probably for the best.

    I'm not much for writing poetry but I'm hoping that will change after taking the poetry workshops for my major. Have you ever read anything by Ellen Hopkins. Its all realistic fiction so I don't know how much it would interest you but all her novels are written in poetic form - its pretty awesome.

  7. So I just realised that I completely repeated completely repeated myself about the Middle-earth places I've been to in my last comment. Skills on my part.

    That's interesting actually, because I'm hoping to study in the States for a year when I go to Uni (still two or three years away). Studying abroad seems like it would be such a cool experience :)

    That's really cool. There are so many types of fantasy out there, so why stick to just one? And anyway, I suppose it's a good idea to eventually spilt a little from other peoples' styles so that you pave your own way, rather than following in their footsteps. I don't think I'm quite there yet - I'm pretty much trying to create a Tolkien-style mythology (although if I can achieve a fraction of the detail he put into his I'll be happy) and an Eragon-like story. The more work I do on it, though, the closer I'll come to heading in my own new direction.

    What's your story about? SF/Fantasy is a cool genre - I remember playing the Jak and Daxter video games, which were a bit like that.

    I kind of have "poetry seasons." Sometimes I'll write a lot of it in a few months, other times (like now) not so much. I've never heard of her, no. Maybe that's a name I should look into. ...

    1. Middle Earth is always worth mentioning twice ;)

      University is the best, let me tell you right now, haha. I love it:) My semester ends next week actually so I will finally be able to focus on writing my book(s) for awhile:) I really want to study abroad at some point. I would love to go to Japan (I am learning Japanese) but as a writing/english lit dual major I don't know what classes other than language I could possibly take there. New Zealand is a definite possibility :) Where do you want to go?

      Honestly I loved Eragon when I first read it and then I reread it just recently and was considerably less impressed. Its still a great story and all, but the actual style of it bugged me in a few places.

      Well having someone to imitate for awhile definitely helps you find your own way:) I just recently got out of that phase myself - After I read Hunger Games suddenly I had all these new ideas and I finally figured out what I wanted my book to be, it was quite a flip!

      My book takes place in the country of Antara. Within Antara there are people called Artisans who have the ability to manipulate the elements of nature. The Order of the Kairi is responsible for making sure no one misuses the Arts and at the top of the Order is the Artisan Lord. Anadilyn Kairyl is the Artisan Lord's niece and heir to the throne of Kairyl. A few years prior to the book (I haven't decided how many yet) her mother was murdered in front of her by a group of rebels. She remembers next to nothing about that day or anything before it. After she graduates from the Academy (the most prestigious Artisan school in Antara) she sets out to find and kill the rebels who killed her mother. Meanwhile she begins getting visits from a white raven carrying notes addressed to her from an anonymous informant who claims their mother was killed by the same people, but the info in the notes doesn't always match up with what Anadilyn believes; she soon begins to wonder what exactly it is about that day she can't remember.

      That was rather long. I apologize haha. I'm still working on the story so I haven't figured out how to sum it up very well yet lol.

  8. Hey Nick,
    I didn't see your e-mail address on here, but I'd love to have you post in a blog tour I'm putting together for National Teen Read Week here in the USA, October 14-20. E-mail me at sarah.y.faulkner@gmail.com if you're interested.

    ~Sarah Faulkner


  9. Are you still a filthy teenager?


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