Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sentence-By-Sentence Story! TWSB: Day 6

Today for the Teen Writers Summer Blogfest, the theme is contest/giveaway. What I've planned isn't quite either of those, but I figured that it fits into the same box: a game.

You probably all knew what this is about when you read the title, but let me clear it up for you if you're unsure. We are going to be telling a story. Together. One person posts with their part of the story, the next continues it, etc. Your writing doesn't have to be great, as long as it tells the story. If you actively check JM Tohline's blog, you may have participated in this kind of thing before.

To get more people involved a have a more fun story, it would be great if you could tell people about this using facebook or twitter or any other ... things ... you might have at your disposal! Thanks.

Anyway, on to rules. They are:
  • You must post three sentences. No more, no less. Three.
  • After contributing, you must wait for two other people to comment before you can contribute again.
That's all.

Got it?


Now let the fun begin. I'll start:

The pink sky was yielding to the gathering twilight when I heard her scream. The noise pierced the suburban streets, and I sank deeper into my chair, trying to ignore the youth next-door. Then I suddenly sat alert as I looked towards the trampoline - Kylie was gone.


  1. Ooh, I love this game!

    I stood up and squinted at the trampoline. She had disappeared, just like that, and now an eerie silence hung in the air. My heart thudded as I hurried over to her backyard.

  2. (I <3 this game too, though usually I do it out loud. I count dialogue as one sentence)

    "Kylie?" I called, my voice falling strangely flat on the night air. No answer. I swallowed, ignored the cowardly voice that insisted it wasn't my problem, and walked further into the darkening yard.

  3. Fun! :D

    In the dark everything appeared to move, and I jumped at every sound. Something glowing on the ground caught my eye. I swallowed, trying to ignore the bad feeling in my stomach.

  4. I bent over to take a closer look. The glowing came from a round object. I couldn't tell exactly what it was just by staring at it, so I reached out a shaking hand to pick it up.

  5. (How did I know this would happen - with most of the blogfest participants being fantasy writers? Also, I think we should change the rule to allow you to post after just one other person has contributed after you, rather than two.)

    The ball was cloudy white and radiant, and it felt light upon my skin. My brows furrowed - what was it? Then all of a suddenly, as I turned it over in my hands, three purple words appeared on its surface.

  6. And they all lived happily ever after.


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