Sunday, July 3, 2011

Excerpt! TWSB: Day 3

So, apparently Day Two of the blogfest didn't happen for me, which is annoying because I wrote out the whole post - and then blogger decided to fail and not let me publish it. So I lost it, and instead I'm just going to move onto Day Three. Excerpt!

I know it's supposed to be prose, but I'm going to share a poem I wrote last year. Some of you may recognise it:

Yesterday draws ever nearer;
Besieged again by fiery foes:
Another passion, only fairer,
Another love, a loves he loathes.

Starts again the game of chance;
Wanders he through shattered past.
A swirling never-ending dance
To find the one he loves at last.

Retracing paths through history,
Cutting feet on ancient glass.
This oft-used road: a mystery.
Dried clots of blood amongst the grass.

Broken diamonds vastly scattered,
This knife-sharp beauty that he knows.
The dark, dead sight of what once mattered,
Renewed again, a lively rose.

But why do roses have such thorns?
Irresistible and sweet,
Yet piercing like the monster's horns.
How long will love for pain repeat?

Yesterday draws ever nearer;
Besieged again by fiery foes:
Another passion, only fairer,
Another love, a loves he loathes.

Hope you enjoyed that! Now I'm off for some sleep, so I'll see you tomorrow which (hopefully) and interview - actually I still need to sort that completely. Sleep goes on hold once more. Off to work!


  1. Whoa, rhyming. Impressive. I'm terrible at rhyming.

  2. *Sigh* And again I feel inadequate. I've never been terrible at rhyming, but I've never been the best at it either. Whenever I try and put a poem or song into a WIP, I usually end up too embarrassed to continue and just omit the whole thing. It never feels quite good enough.

    So I suppose what I'm trying to say is: poetry is a gift, use it. Preferably for good, but whatever floats your boat.

  3. Ugh, I hate it when Blogger loses my posts. :P

    And wow, that was amazing! Like Will said, try to use your gift for good (though I'd be interested to know how you could use poetry for evil). :)

  4. Wow! It's really hard to make rhymes work in poetry, but I think you definitely succeeded here. :D

  5. @Gracie and Will: Thanks :) And don't worry if you aren't great at rhyming poetry - I certainly wasn't until I wrote this piece, which seemingly came from no-where. You might one day find that it just all comes together for you like what happened to me. But don't worry about it - you definitely have strengths in other areas of your writing (I've read both your excerpts). And Will, where appropriate, I'll be sure to use it in my novel :)

    @Brittany: I knooooooooooooow! Annoying! And thank you! If you're keen for using poetry for evil ... well I have a dark prophesy in my story that takes the form of a a-b-a-b rhyming poem. Does that count? :)

    @Laura: Thanks! I prefer rhyming poems :)

  6. -sigh of contentment- Love it. I cannot describe how I love it. Or why certain words together are so beautiful. I can only tell you that these are and I absolutely love them to death.

  7. Thanks, Brooke :) This one really just welled up from the deep dark dungeons of my poetry ability which I had never viewed as that good until then. It brought a whole heap of emotions with it. Anyway, I'm glad you like it :) Thank you.


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