Monday, February 14, 2011

Poet Nick!

Hey! Ok, so my first post was going to be kind of an introduction to me, but I figured that you probably already know me. If you don't, my name is Nick. I am fourteen, I'm a writer and I'm a Christian. Anyway.

Instead of talking about me all day, I thought I'd discuss something a little more interesting.

I write poems, and the other day my dad mentioned that my poems seemed like they were written by someone a lot older than myself, because they reflected on life freakishly well. So, while in real life I am like this:

Apparently, in my poems, I am more like this:

And I'm also wordy. Really wordy. I use long words, short words, exquisite words, and I screw around with the English word order.

And I love it. It's great fun.

I don't care that people that some people critise or call me sensationalist. I don't even care that they get the lines and words wrong when they critise. Because you know what those people look like to me? Like this:

However, since it doesn't happen that much anymore, I shall forgive and forget. Because at the end of the days, kiddies, forgiveness is what it's all about. It's one of the strongest character traits in the world.

Should I write a poem on that?


  1. sure sounds good - forgiving and forgetting is one o the main traits I build my life around and it would be cool to see it in writing

  2. Haha nice. Forgiveness and sacrifice are the two strongest :)


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